Bringing New Life to Your Curtains!

Fresh, clean curtains really bring any room to life and assist your home looks it’s very best. Not only that, but did you realize that household curtains are attached with harbor tens of thousands of microscopic dust mites? Your curtains are effective air-filters, trapping airborne dirt, odors, hairs, smoke and dead skin particles – the perfect habitat for nasty dust mites. These can cause a wide range of allergic problems, including eczema, dermatitis, asthma, dry coughs, hay fever and sinusitis – none of which sound pleasant!  Carpet Cleanings Melbourne Curtain Cleaning Service can help to get rid of these problems as well as help to keep your home looking its best.

We suggest people to spotless their curtains, swags, tails and pelmets at least every eighteen to twenty four months and much more regularly if anyone in the home suffers from asthma or other allergies. Smoke and nicotine also attack curtain fibers and can also leave your living room smelling less than fresh which creates an unpleasant feeling.


We suggest people to spotless their curtains, swags, tails and pelmets at least every eighteen to twenty four months and much more regularly if anyone in the home suffers from asthma or other allergies. Smoke and nicotine also attack curtain fibers and can also leave your living room smelling less than fresh which creates an unpleasant feeling.

Curtain Cleaning Service is managed by experts. Our expert and professional team will clean your curtains, whatever their size, and leave them as fresh and clean as they can possibly be. Use our local professional Curtain Cleaning Service and feel the difference & & Importance of curtain cleaning?

There are many dry cleaners that can and will clean curtains but few cleaners who specialize in cleaning curtains only.


We all know cost is the overriding decision maker, that’s why having your curtains cleaned by Carpet Cleanings Melbourne staff by which you can be assured our knowledge will give you the best possible value for your money, generally much cheaper than others who give a cheap starting price just to get in the door.

Local Curtain cleaning company specializes in all type of fabrics. So whether its rubber or suede backs, swags and tails, velvets or velour’s, you can rest sure your curtains will be cleaned with professionalism and the take care that you expect.

If stale, dusty, offensive curtains are a concern to you, here at Curtain Cleaning Melbourne Company. We can carefully and effectively clean them all, whether they are new, antique or just old. Our curtain cleaning can make a surprising difference to any residence, which is why we recommend them to be professionally cleaned approximately every six months. It only makes sense too, the last thing you want happening is for grime and dust to go through the fabric and to eventually cause in ground soiling.

We have the expertise to handle with all types of curtains and take pride in them as much as you do.

We dry clean them so there are no worries of taking them down, cleaning both the curtain and the linings. Stale offensive odors are minimize or removed creating a more pleasant atmosphere in your home.

Carpet Cleanings Melbourne curtain cleaning will clean your curtains, whatever their volume, and return them as fresh and new and clean as they can possibly be. Use our professional and Best Curtain Cleaning Service and see the difference!


How to Get Rid Of Oil Stains From A Carpet?

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What happens when your carpet gets oil stains. Not even does it look bad but its very often hard to remove without some professional help. The oil gets stuck deep within the fibres, damaging and decolorizing the carpet. Over and over the stain raps a lot of dirt and dust, thus damaging the carpet permanently.

Looking for a  guide for Carpet Oil Stain Removal. Don’t want to take help from professional carpet cleaners. Given below is the do it yourself procedure to remove oil stains. Follow the complete guide and get your carpet cleaned.

Things You Will Need Are :

  • Spare Clothes or cleaning papers
  • Carpet Stain Removing soap or detergent
  • CornStarch or Baby powder
  • Vacuum
  • Bucket
  • Water

Steps For Carpet Stain Removal Are :

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Step 1: If the oil stain is old you need to refresh it again by adding some oil or glycerine and then get forward into cleaning it

Step 2: Use absorbent clothes or paper and put it over the stain and apply some pressure, the paper or cloth will absorb some of the extra liquid oil and will make it easier for removal.

Step 3: Once the majority of oil is soaked up, now you need to pour some cornstarch over it and brush it over to remove excess oil and loosen up some fibres. Allow the cornstarch to set on the area for almost an hour

Step 4: Use the vacuum cleaner to remove the cornstarch from the stain and if the stain is deterrent or large repeat the step number 2 again

Step 5: Use the detergent or oil removing soap and rub it over the stain, add some water and use a soft brush or toothbrush to work it over again. You will be able to see a drastic change in the stain and slowly it will disappear.

Step 6: If you have the professional carpet cleaner you can use it otherwise add some little water over the stain and soak the soap with a towel, repeat the process to remove the remaining soap.

Step 7: Drying process is easy, use two clothes or paper above and below the stain and press it firmly to further remove extra soap or water. If there is an excess of soapiness you can always repeat this process. Now leave it under a fan and allow the area to dry up.

Professional Assistance

Although the above instructions are easy, even if you couldn’t work it out, we are always there to help u further. You can always Hire a professional for your carpets stain removal or simply carpet cleaning.

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The Benefіts Of Regulаr Cаrpet Cleаnіng

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Severаl benefіts come wіth cаrpet cleаnіng.  Your home should be а sаnctuаry. The foundаtіon for а comfortаble аnd cozy home іs cleаn аnd а well.  Servіced аnd hаvіng the cаrpet professіonаlly cleаned on а regulаr bаsіs wіll greаtly іmprove іt. One іs hіgh аesthetіc stаndаrds.  Vіsіtors thаt come to your home wіll see the condіtіon of your cаrpet. However lаvіsh your home mаy be, а cаrpet thаt іs messy would lower іts аesthetіc crіterіа.

Its cleаnlіness wіll іnfluence the relаxаtіon аnd the mood іn а room.  A cаrpet thаt іs messy could detrіmentаlly аffect the mood of the home dwellers.  But іf the cаrpet іs preserved, іt іs goіng to evoke some relаxаtіon аnd creаte а mood of comfort.  Chіldren аnd pets аre аlwаys аble to roll up аnd plаy on the cаrpet. For thаt wаrm feel of your home, Carpet Cleaning Melbourne thаt іs professіonаl іs аdvіsаble.

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Apаrt from thаt, hаvіng your cаrpet cleаned could protect your fаmіly’s heаlth.  Some people suffer from аllergіes such аs eczemа аnd аsthmа. Sіnce а lot of dіrt аnd dust settles on the cаrpet, іnhаlіng grіme could trіgger such аllergіes.  For іndіvіduаls wіth pets, the dаnger іs even hіgher. Hаіrs from pets settle on the cаrpet, аnd they аre аlso known to trіgger аttаcks. But іf you mаke sure thаt the cаrpet іs cleаned on а regulаr bаsіs, dust аnd the dіrt wіll not be present.  Therefore, your chіldren befаll them аnd seldom wіll you hаve some аttаcks thаt аre аllergіc wіll stаy heаlthy. A wholesome fаmіly results іn lіfe.

Mаіntenаnce аnd Cаrpet Cleаnіng wіll prolong the lіfe of your cаrpet.  Gettіng your cаrpet cleаned wіll ensure thаt іt wіll lаst for quіte а long tіme аnd remаіn іn good shаpe.  Purchаsіng а cаrpet the ones іnvolves commіttіng some consіderаble quаntіty of money. Why pаrt wіth your hаrd eаrned cаsh to buy а cаrpet аnd then don’t mаіntаіn іt аpproprіаtely?  Mаkіng certаіn you hаve the cаrpet cleаned іs іmperаtіve. There wіll be some fіnаncіаl benefіts thаt wіll come wіth іt. A nіcely mаіntаіned cаrpet wіll lаst longer аnd weаrs less аnd cleаn.  You wіll not hаve to keep replаcіng іt, by enhаncіng the lіfespаn of your cаrpet.

When your cаrpet hаs never been cleаnіng on а routіne, why not begіn doіng аnd mаke а schedule?  You wіll only hаve to іdentіfy the best cleаnіng busіness. Most compаnіes perform some cаrpet аudіts.  Thіs іs аn іnspectіon thаt determіnes the most suіtаble cleаnіng method for your cаrpet. Cleаnіng compаnіes cаn be аccessed onlіne or by gіvіng them а cаll.  Wіth Cаrpet Cleаnіng, your lіfe won’t ever be the sаme.

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How to Respond When There is a Sudden Spill On A Sofa Or Any Upholstery?


Nothing is worse than the sudden spill on the beautiful upholstery or sofa. Spotting a new stain that will spoil the entire look of the sofa is very hard to digest.

The first reaction should be to take a necessary action to eliminate the stain completely from the upholstery. You should take extreme precaution because the upholstery fabric is very delicate, if your cleaning method is wrong it will completely spoil the look and quality of the material.

Using the wrong products can make the matter worse. If you spill something on the upholstery just begin with gentle blot to prevent the liquid from spreading deep. Try to contact professional upholstery cleaning because you are handling very delicate material.

Many of the upholstery materials are very sensitive and easily react to the cleaning agents and causes severe damage to the material. Upholstery Cleaning requires experienced skill and professional equipment with proper cleaning agents.

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Instructions on manufacturer’s cleaning tag

The cleaning tag or manufacturer’s instruction is placed below the cushion of the upholstery and that will provide detailed information about how to clean the upholstery furniture. For example:

  • W     use the water type cleaning products
  • S    use the solvent type cleaning products
  • X    does not clean the furniture either using water based products and solvent based products, vacuum the furniture or brush

This guidance is suitable for the customer than the professional cleaning companies. Water-type of cleaning solutions is widely used to clean the upholstery; however, some are too strong that it can take away the color of the upholstery. Water-based solvents are used to treat small stains; professional help should be taken to handle large stains.

Solvent-based products are used to remove the oil residue; the professional cleaners have well knowledge about how to handle the oil residue. They will clearly extract the residue by using right equipment later.

Some of the upholstery materials like velvet will display S code, for such materials solvents are suggested because these types of materials will easily twist. For these types of materials, the professionals will use water-soluble cleaning agents and they will later brush and clean the upholstery to ensure perfect cleaning without damaging the material.

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Cleaning the red wine and other stubborn stains

This task must be handled by the professionals as this should be done carefully by neutralizing. The process of cleaning is very difficult while handling the sensitive materials the process should be accurate and repeated again to eliminate the stains completely. Professionals use both cleaning instruments and special products to complete the task perfectly.

Apart from all rubbing the material is strictly not advisable because the result is permanent stubborn stain and texture damage.

While choosing the fabric, carefully analyze which fabrics are easy to maintain. The microfiber materials like Ultrasuede are perfect for the household especially when children and your lovable pets are there at the house. A small quantity of water is required, gently applied on the minor stains. The quality and consistency materials are very easy to clean compared to the thin and flat materials. Whatever the fabric is, cleaning on your own is not very easy and risk-free. Professionals have good knowledge about what to use according to the type of material and how to use according to an instruction to avoid damages.

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How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Take? A Guide For Customers?


When you invite the professional carpet cleaners in your home, it is good to ask them how long it will take to complete the service. This will help you to be more comfortable with the service. When calculating the time of cleaning the carpets, the carpet cleaner must take in the account about how many carpets are there, how many rooms they have to clean, how soiled the rooms are, are there any spots that need to be cleaned, if there are furniture how long it will take to remove them. The intense part of Carpet Cleaning Service is setting up the process.

How does the carpet cleaning work?

This process begins when the carpet cleaner arrives your doorstep and ends when they start cleaning the carpet. They even unload and set up all the equipment, first they start their truck mount machines and then they will dry vacuum all the areas they are going to clean at the home. The whole set-up process will take 10-20 minutes. This is only the beginning step once the set-up process is completed by the carpet cleaner, they will start the actual cleaning. The carpet cleaning time totally depends on the size of the carpet and home.

The method used to clean the carpet and how much furniture is there and how to remove it. All the process takes at least three hours. The carpet drying time varies for the hot water extraction it will take six to eight hours with good ventilation. If too much of water is left in your carpet, it will take 24 hours time to dry. The carpet cleaning includes spraying before spotting, spotting, washing the carpet and applying the carpet proctor and placing the fans. These steps can take 15 to 30 minutes per area. This depends on the size and soiling of the area and spots that need an extreme care.

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The quality carpet cleaners start the job in a perfect manner and complete it properly. The quality carpet cleaner concentrates on customer satisfaction but the quantity carpet cleaner’s priority is getting in fast and getting out fast to complete as many jobs as possible per day. This type of carpet cleaners will take only half of the time which is listed above. Some of the carpet cleaners promise to complete the job in one hour but it is highly impossible without seeing the area it is difficult to estimate the cleaning time. The perfect carpet cleaner never talks about the time blindly without seeing the cleaning area.

The quality-oriented carpet cleaner makes their customer satisfaction as first priority and concentrates on perfect carpet cleaner machine compared to the quantity carpet cleaners. Well trained and quality carpet cleaners have deep knowledge of the place and ensure the best cleaning of the carpets. Most of the carpet cleaning companies take a long time to clean your carpets and do their job perfectly. The quality carpet cleaner will never leave any complaints to point. Handle your valuable carpet to the quality cleaners by doing proper research.

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How to Keep Your Carpets Clean Longer

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet is one of the most important floor covering which makes your home look beautiful and tidy. Even though if you try to keep your house clean without cleaning the carpet, then there is no use of cleaning the whole house.

However, if the carpet of your house looks clean and has a wonderful fragrance then the whole house will look clean and have a peaceful and healthy environment. One the most important ways to have a dirt free carpet is to have a usual clean. Following are the various steps help to maintain Carpet Cleaning cleanliness in your home.


Try to add a good carpet protection

The best way to reduce the amount of dust and dirt particles is to put a rug. It is more important for you to have a clean and hygiene rug and the rug stay clean for long time.  It is very easy to clean a rug compared to cleaning a carpet.

It is better  to use welcome mat in the entrance of your home

Using a door mat at the entry point is the best way to protect the carpet from getting dirty and this will reduce the amount of dust particles entering in to the home. Put ‘NO SHOES’ board on the entry point to prevent the dust and other pathogens entering into home.

Try to use a  vacuum regularly

The best way to take care of your carpet is to keep cleaning it regularly by vacuuming the carpet.  For the best results, vacuum the carpet at least once a week.

If you have spreaded the carpet in a high traffic area, then you might have to clean it twice or thrice a week. In the place of more traffic area, you will have to start cleaning it slowly. Do not hurry while cleaning the carpet because it will not pick up all the dust particles clearly from the carpet.

Selecting  the best vacuum cleaner

All types of the Vacuum Cleaner are not manufactured in the same way.   By selecting the correct size vacuum cleaner, you will gain more benefits.  For example, you’re cleaning the staircase and another corner place, then you can prefer a cordless handled vacuum cleaner. And in case,  if your cleaning big carpet rooms then you can prefer an upright vacuum cleaner.


Keep changing the vacuum bags and filters  repeatedly

Based on the type of vacuum cleaner, you will have to keep changing the filters and bags repeatedly. This process will help your vacuum cleaner to sustain for a longer period of time.Incase, if you don’t change the filters and bags of the vacuum cleaner repeatedly then the strength of suction of your vacuum cleaner will be lost.

Clean the stains as soon as it occurs

It will be very difficult for you to remove the stains if you leave the spills without cleaning.  So as soon as the stain marks are seen, you will have to clean it up immediately. Getting rid of the stain is not a big problem but it should be done immediately blotting the stained area.  In case, if there are any chewing gums stuck on the Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne, use ice cubes to remove the chewing gum.


Same Day Carpet Cleaning in your City

We are the main cover cleaning organization in the Melbourne and Surrounded territory and we need to be your cover more clean. We utilize just the most developed and freshest gear in the business and the majority of our specialists are completely prepared and affirmed. You will feel positive about our formally dressed and English talking professionals who work in two man groups with one male and one female expert, for your solace. Additionally, the cleaners we utilize are likewise totally sheltered and biodegradable to ensure both you and the earth. Call us now and get a free gauge on your cleaning work.


Our cleaning procedure incorporates vacuuming, cleaning baseboards, pre-spotting and hand scouring, pre-molding and our 240 degree high weight dry steam extraction strategy. We move fundamental Furniture (weight confine applies), apply protectant, prepare your cover and utilize powerful fans to speed dry it if vital.

We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. On the off chance that you are not content with the work we do, call us and we will return and re-clean the zones of worry for nothing.

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We likewise offer a reasonable Price Guarantee. In the event that you discover a lower cost from another affirmed, authorized and fortified firm offering an indistinguishable bundle from us, we will beat that cost by 15% for up to 3 months after we play out our administration.

Our wide range of carpet cleaning services comprises the following:

  • Carpet dry cleaning
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Carpet water damage restoration
  • Carpet flood water restoration
  • Carpet stain removal
  • Commercial carpet cleaning
  • Domestic carpet cleaning
  • Carpet repair
  • Same day carpet cleaning
  • Emergency carpet cleaning