How to Keep Your Carpets Clean Longer

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet is one of the most important floor covering which makes your home look beautiful and tidy. Even though if you try to keep your house clean without cleaning the carpet, then there is no use of cleaning the whole house.

However, if the carpet of your house looks clean and has a wonderful fragrance then the whole house will look clean and have a peaceful and healthy environment. One the most important ways to have a dirt free carpet is to have a usual clean. Following are the various steps help to maintain Carpet Cleaning cleanliness in your home.


Try to add a good carpet protection

The best way to reduce the amount of dust and dirt particles is to put a rug. It is more important for you to have a clean and hygiene rug and the rug stay clean for long time.  It is very easy to clean a rug compared to cleaning a carpet.

It is better  to use welcome mat in the entrance of your home

Using a door mat at the entry point is the best way to protect the carpet from getting dirty and this will reduce the amount of dust particles entering in to the home. Put ‘NO SHOES’ board on the entry point to prevent the dust and other pathogens entering into home.

Try to use a  vacuum regularly

The best way to take care of your carpet is to keep cleaning it regularly by vacuuming the carpet.  For the best results, vacuum the carpet at least once a week.

If you have spreaded the carpet in a high traffic area, then you might have to clean it twice or thrice a week. In the place of more traffic area, you will have to start cleaning it slowly. Do not hurry while cleaning the carpet because it will not pick up all the dust particles clearly from the carpet.

Selecting  the best vacuum cleaner

All types of the Vacuum Cleaner are not manufactured in the same way.   By selecting the correct size vacuum cleaner, you will gain more benefits.  For example, you’re cleaning the staircase and another corner place, then you can prefer a cordless handled vacuum cleaner. And in case,  if your cleaning big carpet rooms then you can prefer an upright vacuum cleaner.


Keep changing the vacuum bags and filters  repeatedly

Based on the type of vacuum cleaner, you will have to keep changing the filters and bags repeatedly. This process will help your vacuum cleaner to sustain for a longer period of time.Incase, if you don’t change the filters and bags of the vacuum cleaner repeatedly then the strength of suction of your vacuum cleaner will be lost.

Clean the stains as soon as it occurs

It will be very difficult for you to remove the stains if you leave the spills without cleaning.  So as soon as the stain marks are seen, you will have to clean it up immediately. Getting rid of the stain is not a big problem but it should be done immediately blotting the stained area.  In case, if there are any chewing gums stuck on the Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne, use ice cubes to remove the chewing gum.


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