How to Respond When There is a Sudden Spill On A Sofa Or Any Upholstery?


Nothing is worse than the sudden spill on the beautiful upholstery or sofa. Spotting a new stain that will spoil the entire look of the sofa is very hard to digest.

The first reaction should be to take a necessary action to eliminate the stain completely from the upholstery. You should take extreme precaution because the upholstery fabric is very delicate, if your cleaning method is wrong it will completely spoil the look and quality of the material.

Using the wrong products can make the matter worse. If you spill something on the upholstery just begin with gentle blot to prevent the liquid from spreading deep. Try to contact professional upholstery cleaning because you are handling very delicate material.

Many of the upholstery materials are very sensitive and easily react to the cleaning agents and causes severe damage to the material. Upholstery Cleaning requires experienced skill and professional equipment with proper cleaning agents.

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Instructions on manufacturer’s cleaning tag

The cleaning tag or manufacturer’s instruction is placed below the cushion of the upholstery and that will provide detailed information about how to clean the upholstery furniture. For example:

  • W     use the water type cleaning products
  • S    use the solvent type cleaning products
  • X    does not clean the furniture either using water based products and solvent based products, vacuum the furniture or brush

This guidance is suitable for the customer than the professional cleaning companies. Water-type of cleaning solutions is widely used to clean the upholstery; however, some are too strong that it can take away the color of the upholstery. Water-based solvents are used to treat small stains; professional help should be taken to handle large stains.

Solvent-based products are used to remove the oil residue; the professional cleaners have well knowledge about how to handle the oil residue. They will clearly extract the residue by using right equipment later.

Some of the upholstery materials like velvet will display S code, for such materials solvents are suggested because these types of materials will easily twist. For these types of materials, the professionals will use water-soluble cleaning agents and they will later brush and clean the upholstery to ensure perfect cleaning without damaging the material.

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Cleaning the red wine and other stubborn stains

This task must be handled by the professionals as this should be done carefully by neutralizing. The process of cleaning is very difficult while handling the sensitive materials the process should be accurate and repeated again to eliminate the stains completely. Professionals use both cleaning instruments and special products to complete the task perfectly.

Apart from all rubbing the material is strictly not advisable because the result is permanent stubborn stain and texture damage.

While choosing the fabric, carefully analyze which fabrics are easy to maintain. The microfiber materials like Ultrasuede are perfect for the household especially when children and your lovable pets are there at the house. A small quantity of water is required, gently applied on the minor stains. The quality and consistency materials are very easy to clean compared to the thin and flat materials. Whatever the fabric is, cleaning on your own is not very easy and risk-free. Professionals have good knowledge about what to use according to the type of material and how to use according to an instruction to avoid damages.

Experts Upholstery Cleaning Process Melbourne

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