How to Get Rid Of Oil Stains From A Carpet?

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What happens when your carpet gets oil stains. Not even does it look bad but its very often hard to remove without some professional help. The oil gets stuck deep within the fibres, damaging and decolorizing the carpet. Over and over the stain raps a lot of dirt and dust, thus damaging the carpet permanently.

Looking for a  guide for Carpet Oil Stain Removal. Don’t want to take help from professional carpet cleaners. Given below is the do it yourself procedure to remove oil stains. Follow the complete guide and get your carpet cleaned.

Things You Will Need Are :

  • Spare Clothes or cleaning papers
  • Carpet Stain Removing soap or detergent
  • CornStarch or Baby powder
  • Vacuum
  • Bucket
  • Water

Steps For Carpet Stain Removal Are :

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Step 1: If the oil stain is old you need to refresh it again by adding some oil or glycerine and then get forward into cleaning it

Step 2: Use absorbent clothes or paper and put it over the stain and apply some pressure, the paper or cloth will absorb some of the extra liquid oil and will make it easier for removal.

Step 3: Once the majority of oil is soaked up, now you need to pour some cornstarch over it and brush it over to remove excess oil and loosen up some fibres. Allow the cornstarch to set on the area for almost an hour

Step 4: Use the vacuum cleaner to remove the cornstarch from the stain and if the stain is deterrent or large repeat the step number 2 again

Step 5: Use the detergent or oil removing soap and rub it over the stain, add some water and use a soft brush or toothbrush to work it over again. You will be able to see a drastic change in the stain and slowly it will disappear.

Step 6: If you have the professional carpet cleaner you can use it otherwise add some little water over the stain and soak the soap with a towel, repeat the process to remove the remaining soap.

Step 7: Drying process is easy, use two clothes or paper above and below the stain and press it firmly to further remove extra soap or water. If there is an excess of soapiness you can always repeat this process. Now leave it under a fan and allow the area to dry up.

Professional Assistance

Although the above instructions are easy, even if you couldn’t work it out, we are always there to help u further. You can always Hire a professional for your carpets stain removal or simply carpet cleaning.

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