DIY methods for carpet deodorization are easy and widely used for keeping home fresh. Carpets are an essential and integral part of our living space. It is obvious that carpet attracts dirt and dust mites easily. Regular cleaning removes the only thin layer of dirt accumulated on carpet. Pet hair and spillers carpets to absorb moisture which promotes fungus and development of mould. You can seek the help of professional for Carpet Mould Removal. Dirt, grime and moisture held in carpets spread unpleasant odour in the entire home that is impossible to avoid. To overcome this problem you can hire professional carpet deodorization service. Carpet to removes odours embedded into carpet fibres. These Carpet deodorizers don’t help in cleaning but help to neutralize the odours trapped in it. The most popular type of carpet deodorizer is the ones that come in powdered form. Usually, the carpet powder is white to help prevent staining of lighter carpets. Other forms come in a spray.

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There are several DIY methods to create your own handy carpet deodorizer. These DIY methods for carpet deodorization are super easy. To make carpet deodorizer. You just need a few ingredients that are easily available at home.

Baking Soda Deodorizer

To make carpet deodorizer by baking soda you need a glass jar. Add 2 cups of Baking Soda to a glass bowl and add 10-20 drops of Essential Oils. Mix well and break up and clumps. Pour baking soda and essential oil mixture into the glass jar and Sprinkle homemade carpet deodorizer mixture lightly on carpet and rugs. Allow carpet deodorizer to sit for at least 20 minutes. Vacuum mixture slowly from carpet and your carpet is fresh again.

 White Vinegar Deodorizer

To make white vinegar carpet deodorizer mix vinegar with warmed water in equal ratio. Shake well this solution to dilute the combination. Add this vinegar to a spray bottle and spray the solution on the affected area on the carpet. Allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes. Rub the area with soft bristles brush for stain removal. You can also hire professional stain removal services. Vinegar will neutralize the odour and keep your carpet fresh. Make sure to dry the carpet completely otherwise moisture will facilitate breeding of mould and fungus in moisten the area.

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Professional Assistance:

As we already have discussed the DIY methods of carpet deodorization that you can easily take benefit from, still there are Local Carpet Cleaning Canberra which you can avail in the hour of need or when it is not possible to go for DIY methods. Our company provides 24/7 services and uses the antibacterial sprays and powder for giving you professional carpet deodorization services. Our company also provides professional mould removal services for carpet sanitization. We have skilled professional and easy services to give you a satisfied professional carpet deodorization services.  

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